Joseph Bamberger

Founder & President
Joseph Bamberger is a Finance Executive. Joseph has over two decades of international background in real estate construction, bridge and permanent finance. Joseph’s knowledge, vision and warm personality has accelerated Jade Capital to become a preferred broker to multiple banks. Joseph cherishes each and every relationship, he truly values every contribution from his team and correspondents alike. Joseph leads his team with one moto, “just be genuine, learn from your mistakes and you will become outstanding``. Email: Phone: 917.635.2658

Akiva Podolsky

Executive Director, Partner
Akiva Podolsky is a partner and Executive Director at Jade Capital. Prior to joining Jade Capital, Akiva has a decade of experience in managing thousands of multi-family units for a large family office and implemented creative approaches to increase profitability Through his extensive knowledge of portfolio management, Akiva brings our borrowers individualized solutions to best serve their growth needs. Email:

James B. Meadows

Senior Managing Director
James (Jb) Meadows is the Senior Managing Director at Jade Capital responsible for loan underwriting, placement and transaction management. Prior to joining Jade, James had a 13 year Banking career with extensive experience in credit risk, portfolio management and business development. Most recently he has held the VP of Commercial Lending position at Parke Bank. James holds a BA in Finance and resides in Woolwich Township, NJ with his wife and two children.

Cher Chang

Senior Managing Director
Cher Chang is the Senior Managing Director at Jade Capital who specializes in bridge financing, land deals, as well as raising capital for large, complex real estate transactions. She is adept in both debt and equity and has involved in over $5 Billion USD worth of transactions since 2004. Cher was the Global Head of Capital Markets for Hongkun USA, a Chinese subsidiary of Hongkun Group who has $9 Billion USD of assets globally. Prior to Hongkun, Cher was the head of Asia Division for the Carlton Group, a real estate investment bank who has completed over $150 Billion USD worth of real estate transactions. Formally joining Jade Capital in July of 2021, Cher is excited to grow with the Jade family. Cher has a Masters of Science Degree in Real Estate Development from NYU with the specialization of Global Real Estate. She also has a Bachelor of Science from UCLA in Biochemistry.

Eli Schwarcz

Managing Director, Healthcare
Eli Schwarcz is Director of Healthcare at Jade Capital. Over the last decade Eli Schwarcz has become a recognized name in the SNF, ALF, IL and Drug Rehab sectors. With dozens of successful transactions in his portfolio, Eli now brings Jade Capital experienced leadership to represent our clients for their Healthcare acquisition and healthcare finance needs. Email:

Chaim Bamberger

Director, Operations
Chaim underwrites and manages loan processing. Chaim has a backround in Commercial & Residential Real Estate Management and Investments. email.

Paul Rastelli

VP, Underwriting

Aron Sussman

SVP, Loan Origination
Aron Sussman is a senior loan originator at Jade Capital. Aron has built an extensive book of business spanning over 2 decades in real estate sales and finance. Prior to joining Jade Capital, Aron was a respected team member at Meridian Capital.

Simon Stern

VP, Loan Origination
Simon Stern is a loan originator at Jade Capital. Simon has built an extensive book of business spanning over 10 years in real estate cost segregation. Simon’s nationwide clientele include institutional clients as well as sophisticated investors.